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Discover our wide range of invigorating classes designed to meet your fitness goals.

From the empowering C3 Intro sessions that equip you with essential skills, to the dynamic Workout Of The Day (WOD) classes that maximize your strength and conditioning, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to restore your movement potential with Ageless Fit, nurture your child’s development with Kids Move, or enhance your power with Olympic Weightlifting, our diverse classes offer an opportunity to transform your fitness journey.

Browse all our classes below.

C3 Intro On Ramp Sessions

Learn the foundational movements necessary for a safe class participation. This class is an On-Ramp membership consisting of a 4 sessions series of introductory lessons. Sessions package includes:
  • Movement assessment and initial prescription of an accessory program
  • Nutritional consult (optional)
  • Methodology intro
  • Mobility tools intro
  • Foundational movements instruction
  • It is also available for members to work on technique without the fast pace of the standard WOD class.

Workout Of The Day (WOD)

Maximize your movement potential; this class is focused on improving one’s strength, skill and conditioning, we offer components for all ages that will shape you into the athlete you never knew you could be!

Ageless Fit

Relearn and restore your movement potential at any age; this class focuses on rehabilitation, strength development, balance and posture for any age. This is one of our most popular classes.

Kettlebells & Gymnastics/Mobility

Our Kettlebells classes are a blend of gymnastic skill or mobility with a strength&conditioning profile of work with kettlebells that oscillate around coordination, complexity, accuracy, balance and timing. Intensity depends on the weight that one is capable of moving but the focus is on the best possible execution.

Olympic Weightlifting

Enhance your strength and conditioning with fundamental weightlifting. This 60 minute class is designed to not only increase your explosive power but build your confidence with one of the best tools in the gym – the barbell. No prior experience required.

Personal Training & Nutrional Coaching

Personal Training at it’s best. Milan’s vast experience, knowledge and passion will produce the results you seek. Get the most attention and in-depth approach to your personal needs with our PT packages. It’s an undoubtedly the most efficient and fastest way to produce long lasting results. An investment that can’t be underestimated!

Today's Workout Of The Day (WOD)

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